AIFMD valuation topics for asset servicers


Deloitte Valuation Conferences - Series 2

AIFMD valuation topics for asset servicers

AIFMD valuation topics for asset servicers

In the AIFMD era, the asset servicers are faced with an increase of regulatory obligations as well as raising demand for value added services from the AIFM side. Our second series of the Deloitte Valuation Conferences 2015 has walked you through the roles and responsibilities of depositaries and central administrations in the underlying assets valuation process.

We addressed several hot topics such as the ManCo control framework and due diligence on depositaries and fund administrators, depositary oversight aspects, and also explored some best practices in the area of PE, RE and Funds of Hedge Funds valuation and cross valuation. In addition, we brought in a panel of market participants to exchange views on this topic and discuss what solution options are at the disposal of a central administration and a depositary to respond to valuation requirements under AIFMD.

We have the privilege to welcome on our panel:

  • Pierre-Antoine Boulat, CEO, UBS Fund Services
  • Arnaud Bon, Private Equity and Real Estate Leader, SGG Corporate & Fund Administration Services
  • Yvan De Laurentis, Head of Depositary and Fiduciary Services, BPSS
  • Nico Thill, Director and Head of Investment Fund Services, Banque de Luxembourg


AIFMD valuation topics for asset servicers - Voice recording

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