Brexit News - a look behind the scenes


Brexit News - a look behind the scenes

The development of Brexit from an economic perspective

The UK's withdrawal from the EU will have far-reaching economic and political consequences.

Our analysis draws a general overview and outlines possible future scenarios to provide orientation on the complex effects of this unprecedented event in the EU’s history.

Over three years after the referendum, Britain is now officially no longer part of the European Union. Now it is time for a new orientation: What will the EU look like after Brexit? What forces will influence the EU in 2030?
In this Brexit alert "Beyond Brexit - Scenarios for the Future of Europe 2030", we will present four very different but not implausible scenarios in which the EU could find itself in a post-Brexit future. Our focus will be on the EU's digital competitiveness and the future economic relationship between the EU and the UK.
The scenario analysis is based on the current trends as identified by our artificial intelligence-based tool, through expert interviews and a workshop by Deloitte's Brexit experts.

Beyond Brexit scenarios


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