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Capital Markets Union

Will it be a game-changer?

Executive Summary

How often can one say of something that it has the potential to be a game-changer?

It may seem a far cry from a general aspiration to create a more coherent and pan-European capital market to envisage the creation of a pan-European defined contribution pension market. One might even be forgiven for asking what the possible link may be, and one can feel a certain sympathy for the retirement, insurance, and pensions sector that asset management and financial markets are trying to “muscle in” in some way to their domain. And yet the process is a totally logical one.

We are however, getting ahead of ourselves. Capital Markets Union (CMU) is the title of a Green Paper issued soon after the Juncker European Commission took office.

The purpose of the Green Paper was to consult on the overall approach to put in place the building blocks for CMU by 2019, the underlying economic rationale of CMU, and possible measures that could be taken to achieve this objective.


Performance magazine issue 18, September 2015

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