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Deloitte Valuation Conferences - Series 3

Fund directors - valuation and related risks

Fund directors: valuation and related risks

Fund directors are the guardians of shareholders’ interests. It is their responsibility to monitor how the investment vehicle is being run and ensure that the interests of the investors are protected.

These principles are no different when it comes to valuation. As such, this conference has walked you through the key responsibilities of fund directors when it comes to valuation, highlight the typical challenges they can face and what are some of the ways to address them. We discussed how delegation of the valuation function can affect the directors responsibility, as well as some of the best practices that are seen today in the market in terms of governance matters around valuation.

We had the privilege to welcome on our panel:

  • Jérôme Alméras – Managing Partner, Cube Infrastructure Fund
  • Ingrid Dubourdieu – Partner, D.Law
  • Jason Howard – Managing Director of EQT Services UK Limited, EQT’s AIFM in the UK 
  • Cliff Langford – Owner, Real Estate Director Services S.à.r.l.



The Fund directors: valuation and related risks conference took place on 12 March 2015.

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Fund directors: valuation and related risks - Voice recording

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