Lessons learned during COVID-19


Lessons learned during COVID-19

A banking study

The global pandemic has thrust change upon the banking system at a pace not seen before. The response to COVID-19 has necessitated much more effective ways of working—demonstrated in real time—and there is now little appetite to go back to “business as usual.”

As a result, we are at an inflection point that allows us to reimagine operating models as banks recover. The moment is not to be lost: those who spend the time and energy that it will no doubt take to institutionalize key elements of what worked well will be better off, and far more ready to compete—and win—than those who do not.

Read the full report to understand the lessons learned by the Canadian banking system during their response to COVID-19. Our perspectives within the report were informed by discussions with 30 senior executives from Canada’s six largest banks.


Pascal Martino
Partner – Banking Leader and Human Capital Leader
Tel: +352 45145 2119

Pascal Eber
Partner – Operations Excellence & Human Capital
Tel: +352 45145 2649

Patrick Laurent
Partner – ACG Leader & Innovation Leader
Tel: +352 45145 4170

Martin Flaunet
Partner – Accounting & Reporting Advisory Leader
Tel: +352 45145 2334

Jean-Philippe Peters
Partner – Risk Advisory Leader
Tel: +352 45145 2276

Eric Centi
Partner – Financial Services Tax
Tel: +352 45145 2162

Julien Lamotte
Partner – Tax - GFSI
Tel: +352 45145 3336


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