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Prospery, Wealth Management Reinvented

An interview with COO Omar El Khamlichi Prospery GmbH, subsidiary of ABN AMRO

Executive summary

Two years ago, the Board of Dutch bank ABN AMRO decided to create challenger banks: innovative value propositions outside the existing bank to create new businesses supported by a new IT infrastructure. One of their challenger banks is a digital wealth manager. Deloitte supported ABN AMRO with the design and setup of this new digital private bank. René Theunissen and Nicolo Comparini of Deloitte Consulting in the Netherlands met with Omar El Khamlichi, the COO and CIO of this new wealth management startup, for an open interview in their Amsterdam office. Their office is in typical startup style with open spaces, customer journey drawings and post-its on every wall, and a foosball table next to the meeting room—totally different from a traditional bank.

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Inside Magazine issue 19, November 2018

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