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Top 10 for 2015

Our outlook for financial markets regulation

Will 2015 be the turning point in the post-crisis regulatory agenda, when the focus shifts from repairing balance sheets and reputations to the role of financial services in promoting jobs and growth? And from proposing new rules to implementing the multitude already agreed over the last few years?

Executive Summary

There are grounds for cautious optimism. On the banking front, the vast majority of the new primary requirements are now in place (with the important exception of EU bank structural reform), although there are still reviews of various elements of the existing capital framework and a significant amount of implementing detail to follow. After a very lengthy gestation, preparations for Solvency II will enter their final year. The new European Commission and Parliament will push ahead with work to decide what falls under the umbrella of the Capital Markets Union (CMU). Recognition of the need for capital markets and non-bank finance to contribute to the jobs and growth agenda could influence the approach that would otherwise have been taken to deal with concerns about shadow banking. Indeed, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) now speaks about ‘transforming shadow banking’ into ‘resilient market-based finance.’

There will be new institutions making a fresh start and they will be determined to make their presence felt. The European Central Bank (ECB) via the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) has taken over as the prudential supervisor of eurozone banks. The new Single Resolution Board (SRB) will look at the resolvability of the cross-border eurozone banks, informed by the lessons learned from the FSB’s first set of resolvability assessments for Global Systemically Important Banks (G-SIBs).

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