Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2017


Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2017

A guide to navigating the year ahead

Deloitte's EMEA Center for Regulatory Strategy has published “Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2017,” their annual assessment of how major regulatory developments will shape the financial services industry this year, and how firms can respond to these trends.

The Regulatory Outlook 2017

The year 2017 will bring significant challenges to financial services firms across EMEA in the form of heightened macro-policy uncertainty, with the implementation of a demanding and still evolving regulatory agenda and other market developments putting pressure on the industry.

In this report, four axes have been analyzed:

  • Macro-policy uncertainty
  • Strategies for firms
  • Regulatory themes
  • Industry evolution

Each axis delves into key issues and identifies ways in which firms can navigate them:

  • Brexit
  • Controls efficiency
  • Governance strategy
  • Business mode sustainability
  • Resolvability
  • Financial resilience
  • Conduct and culture
  • Regulation of new technologies
  • Cyber and IT resilience
  • Opening up markets
  • Evolution of the trading landscape

Different sectors will be affected:

  • Banking and capital markets
  • Investment management
  • Insurance

A full analysis and sector-specific exploration can be found by downloading the report “Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2017".

PDF - 8mb

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