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Valuation for AIFMs

Valuation for AIFMs

In the AIFMD era, fund managers have to revisit the way investments are valued. Our first conference on Valuation for AIFMs has walked you through the different alternatives available to fund managers to meet the directive requirements in terms of valuation. Should the valuation function be delegated to an external valuer or kept by the AIFM? What are the pros and cons of each alternative? What are the current market trends?

Our speakers, together with a panel of alternative fund managers and industry experts, has exchanged views on this much debated topic and shared their practical experience in order to bring answers to key questions that AIFMs are facing while setting-up their new valuation processes.

Our panelists include : 

  • Alexandre Dumont, Chief Executive Officer, BIL Manage Invest
  • Simon Powell, Advent’s European compliance director
  • Antonio Thomas, Partner, ManagementPlus
  • Jérôme Wittamer, Head of Investment Management, Genii Capital
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The Valuation for AIFMs conference took place on 10 February 2015.

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Valuation for AIFMs - Voice recording

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