Valuation for incentive plans


Deloitte Valuation Conferences - Series 6

Valuation for incentive plans

In the face of a changing regulatory environment (e.g. AIFM Directive, upcoming UCITS V Directive), companies are revising how to approach remuneration.

To ensure alignment of interests with investors and other stakeholders, an increasing portion of key employees receive part of their remuneration in instruments linked to operational performance and value creation. As a result, management equity plans and carried interest schemes are becoming increasingly important.

Our conference presented some of the most widely used plans, explained what drives their value and the benefits that Luxembourg has to offer when it comes to setting up such types of remuneration.


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Valuation for Incentives Plans took place on 15 October 2015. If you have any questions or comments, please contact

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Valuation for incentive plans - Voice recording

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