Deloitte Valuation Conferences


Deloitte Valuation Conferences

A comprehensive look at valuation

Whether you are a Director, a CFO, a fund manager or a service provider, valuation matters. Deloitte organizes conferences addressing valuation issues as you meet them in your day to day role. These upcoming sessions will provide an up to date view on your responsibilities regarding specific valuation matters and practical ways to meet them using real life examples as well as feedback on what we see in the market as best practice.

2016 Valuation Conference Series


1. Private Debt Valuation Conference

15 March 2016

Management companies and asset servicers are increasingly confronted with issues regarding the valuation of such products, as Luxembourg-based debt funds continue to gain traction.

Our experts discussed hot topics relating to the valuation of illiquid debt instruments, such as what characterizes the main types of debt instruments and the main methodologies and framework for debt valuation.

Additionally, the speakers covered the regulative aspect with information about debt fund valuation policies and valuation process governance as well as applicable standards, rules and regulations.

2. Real Estate Valuation Conference

2 June 2016

As the real estate funds constitutes the most represented alternative asset class in Luxembourg, management companies and asset servicers are constantly confronted to issues regarding the valuation of such investments.

During this conference our experts will present:

  • the main real estate valuation techniques, related value drivers and usual traps 
  • the impact of real estate investment structuring on valuation
  • how to draft a proper valuation policy and design a valuation process to sustain scrutiny from the regulator
  • an update on applicable standards, rules and regulations including the most recent INREV and RICS publications 

Other Valuation sessions to take place throughout the year

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2015 Valuation Conference Series

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1. Valuation for AIFMs
10 February 2015

2. AIFMD valuation requirements for depositary banks & asset servicers
24 February 2015

3. Fund directors: valuation and related risks
12 March 2015

4. Valuation matters for conducting officers and risk managers
23 April 2015

5. Valuation challenges in credit institutions and investment firms
16 June 2015

6. Valuations for incentive plans
15 October 2015

7. Valuation and Tax considerations
12 November 2015


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2015 Conferences Series

Introductory session

On 11 December 2014, the introductory session of Deloitte's upcoming Valuation conferences attracted a wide range of participants across the financial sector, reaffirming the interest of the Luxembourg business community for valuation and risk related matters.

For more information, please download the Deloitte Valuation Conference Introductory session presentation.

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