Compliance hotline - AIFMD, AML, MiFID, UCITS


Compliance hotline

Responding with confidence

We help you facing regulatory challenges, with a compliance support service on a broad range of subjects including UCITS, AIFMD, AML, MiFID and all aspects of investment fund regulation. We provide also a dedicated telephone and email hotline service answering business, investment and marketing compliance questions within 48 hours.

The main objective of the hotline service is to provide expert support every business day on any compliance problems an asset manager or servicer may encounter.

In today’s fast-changing environment, compliance departments and investment fund boards must face many regulatory challenges with finite resources. The hotline can help both in terms of breadth of knowledge and to assist with absorbing peak volumes.

Your challenge

  • Your portfolios hold many financial instruments, in a search for alpha fund managers look to use the full extent of the regulatory limits
  • You distribution investment funds and seek investment mandates in an increasing number of juridsdiction, but are uncertain of the possible unintended consequencies
  • Your compliance team need support to cover the myriad of international regulations
  • The cost of non-compliance is significant

Our services

  • Dedicated question and prompt answers on compliance matters
  • Direct contact to compliance specialists for real-time questions and answers
  • Independent and expert advice
  • Volume-resistant support
  • Marketing knowledge of more than 30 countries' regulatory frameworks
  • Guidance on the latest developments in investment restrictions
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and multilingual staff

We provide an expert opinion when you need it, peace of mind 365 days a year:

  • Rapidity: usually, an answer is provided within 48 hours, depending on the scale and nature of the question
  • Security and expertise: we have a professional team, expert in the sector, to give you sound and up-to-date advice
  • Time-saving: compliance enquiries are timesensitive, and compliance teams have limited resources
  • Cost reduction: in externalising part of your compliance services, you can be more flexible and improve your cost efficiency
Compliance hotline - Responding with confidence


Lou Kiesch

Lou Kiesch

Partner | Regulatory Consulting Leader

Lou joined Deloitte in November 2001 as Director in the Risk Advisory department, where he currently heads up the Compliance and Regulatory Practice. Since June 2005, he is partner within Deloitte’s R... More