Consolidation services


Consolidation services

A key driver for value added services in Banking and Wealth management

Globalisation and wealth strewing do not easily allow you having a global view of financial and non-financial assets, nor to have a clear understanding of performance.

Reinforced by the current economic environment, providing a global view in terms of risks is also a key differentiating factor between competitors aside with high quality report.

Considering those specific market needs in this dynamic environment, Deloitte can support you in building consolidation service tailored to your needs and your development strategy so that you can deliver additional high quality services to your customers.

This first step will allow you to develop a comprehensive and uniform understanding of your client’s wealth thanks to ad hoc shadow assets reports on the entirety of assets that are managed in different banks/countries without requiring any IT infrastructure or IT skills from your side. This service also applies to tangible assets and can include related documents like notary acts, certificates of authenticity, tenancy agreements, etc.

Focusing on your specific needs and constraints, we carefully analyse your requirements in order to propose you a tailor made solution able to evolve with your demands while guaranteeing an appropriate level of security complying with most stringent regulations.

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Consolidation: A step to enlarge your services offering

Through our global and integrated approach, supported by professional consolidation services, you will be able to improve your services and added value level to your clients with global analyses of their wealth, advanced portfolio management features and other related services such as:

  • Consolidated view of assets ( financial assets, art, real estate, tangible assets or any other type of holdings)
  • Structured reporting of your global assets
  • Performance analysis
  • Risk indicators
  • Potential conflicts of interest identification
  • Compliance check with investment strategies / investment profiles
  • Centralised documents storage (purchase contracts, certificates, photos, etc.)
  • Advanced PMS features like performance attribution, model portfolio management, up to, front to back can be serviced
  • All these features can be delivered via regular reporting and/or online through a powerful web interface.
  • Further services can be delivered to build a scalable and tailor made solution with:
  • Risk assessment (client profiling), risk monitoring (portfolio level), risk reporting
  • Risk modelling, portfolio optimisation, risk attribution
  • Valuation of assets such as Private Equity, illiquid assets or Real Estate
  • Wealth structuring (tax, products…) & wealth engineering
  • Art & Finance services like collection management, lending programmes and portfolio optimisation services
  • Tax reporting services
  • Further services dedicated to Family Offices

How can Deloitte help you?

Our capabilities as global service provider with its multidisciplinary competencies aim to deliver this service worldwide enabling you to concentrate in the delivery of other or new services/activities. We developed this step-by-step approach adaptable to your needs:

  • Strategic Analysis for offering consolidation services within your organisation
  • Gap Analysis between your current consolidation / wealth management capabilities and market state of the art
  • Service definition including organisational aspects, operational processes and SLAs
  • Services integration allowing us to select services and build a solution fitting your needs


This along with the following Luxembourg location based efficiencies:

  • Luxembourg legal and regulatory systems for financial services, Wealth managers and Family offices
  • Luxembourg central location in Europe and its communication capabilities
  • Information technology know-how including high speed networks connected to major European financial centres
  • Numerous surrounding expertise throughout high added value services upon the technical consolidation of financial data
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Adriano Picinati di Torcello

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