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Evaluate the quality of your services

Deloitte offers a wide variety of tools to assess both the perceived quality of your customer service and the measured, objective quality of your services. Ensure a homogenous delivery of services across all your client contact points by evaluating your quality and implementing preventive as well as curative actions.

Perceived quality to listen to your clients’ rhythm

Capture your clients’ thoughts about your services to make sure that the quality of your offer matches their needs and expectations.

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Continuous pulse

  • Quickly identify dissonance in the client relationship
  • Enable middle management to take preventive actions in sync with monthly reports

After each contact with your organization via any relevant channel: email, phone, webpage or a traditional face-to-face exchange, your clients receive an e-mail with a short survey to give instant feedback. By asking the right questions, summarized in our monthly reports, you will be able to translate negative as well as positive feedback into concrete actions, and hence improve your customer satisfaction in the short run.


Annual survey

  • Record overall client satisfaction
  • Reach a broad and diverse audience
  • Plan group wide curative reactions

D.Quality proposes a renewed approach to annual quality review through the combination of different methods of collecting feedback from your clients: focus groups, digital surveys, phone interviews, etc. Beyond simple NPS measurement, we provide insight on the multiple dimensions of your clients’ overall satisfaction and support you with the right analysis to uncover the main areas of improvement across your firm.


Measured quality to tune your instruments

Objectively assess the quality of your services to make sure that it is homogenous across your points of contact and competitive in comparison to the market.


Unannounced visits

  • Reproduce real-life consumer experiences in your premises
  • Gather objective and comparable feedback
  • Ensure the harmony of your services across all contact points

Dance in your clients’ shoes to experience what they experience. We can compare the quality of your service over time and over different points of contact. D.Quality visitors adopt a pre-defined client profile according to your needs and compare the service they receive from your company objectively.


Phone call analyses

  • Replicate and objectively assess real-life phone call experiences
  • Analyze phone call statistics (e.g. answered calls rate)
  • Make sure you are hitting the right tone in your customer service

Get insights on the quality of your client’s point of contact at your company – on the department, entity or employee level, and especially regarding your contact center – by comparing your services to market practices, e.g. available services, language choices, waiting times, etc. D.Quality callers measure the consistency of the service provided as well as the overall quality of the service. Insightful and targeted KPIs can be computed and analyzed, in addition to our analysis of your internal phone call statistics.


Compose your own symphony – more D.Quality services at your disposal

  • Focus groups and market positioning exercises
  • Market benchmarking
  • Qualitative client interviews, e.g. post specific customer journeys, product & pricing review
  • Automated verification of validity of customers’ contact details (phone & email)
  • Post phone call satisfaction survey
  • Data Quality analysis & Process optimization (addressing error rates)
  • D.Quality for your internal services, e.g. pulse surveys for training evaluation, phone call analysis of IT hotline, employee satisfaction surveys, etc.


Break the silence with D.Quality

Reach out to our experts and find the right indicators to evaluate the quality of your customer services and start your journey towards excellence.


Pascal Martino

Pascal Martino

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Francois Bade

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