The Cloud revolution within HRIS

In the field of Human Resources, although Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems still have a dominant market position, revenue growth of SaaS solutions demonstrates that this trend is reversing.

Executive summary

HR SaaS solutions have become an integral part of the HR applications landscape; they cover both core HR functional areas and more specialised ones such as recruitment or talent management. The emergence of new players (such as Workday) and recent takeovers (Taleo by Oracle and SuccessFactors by SAP) confirm that SaaS is not merely a fad but a deep-rooted trend.

HR SaaS model: the reasons behind its success

To explain its success, customers often cite the benefits generated by these new solutions and the context in which they operate.

SaaS solutions as a means to transforming the HR function

According to a recent study by Deloitte, 84% of organisations surveyed were planning (or had started) to transform their HR function, the majority with the objective of reducing costs (85%) and improving the efficiency of the HR function (75%). 

Inside magazine issue 4, March 2014

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Inside magazine issue 4
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