Corporate learning


Corporate learning

How current trends are accelerating the demand for transformation

Executive Summary

Unlike their predecessors, many millennial and Generation X workers expect training and support services to be as readily available and rapidly accessible as most of the other information in their lives—available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The past few years have seen corporate learning and development (L&D) come into sharp focus as an area in need of improvement within both HR departments and the wider business community, especially given the growing acknowledgement of its role in attracting and retaining staff.

According to executives participating in Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 survey, retaining and developing existing talent—especially future leaders—will be a top priority over the next few years, as opposed to sourcing it from outside the organization. Despite this, many of them also believe their organizations are doing a “fair/poor” job of leadership development and managing/ delivering effective training programs. Clearly, there is a significant misalignment between the perceptions of management and the ability of L&D to deliver adequate solutions for the needs to be addressed. As factors like technological advances and demographic change challenge traditional perceptions of corporate learning, a number of key trends are emerging signal the direction in which L&D transformation needs to head.

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Inside magazine issue 12, June 2016

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