Education challenges and the technological learning process


Education challenges and the technological learning process

Executive Summary

Investment in technology innovation is currently experiencing an exponential rate of cross-industry growth. Its applications for society’s routine tasks are growing and branching out to new activities. It is commonly understood that technology has created great value in most of its applications, allowing society to benefit from it.

The education industry has not been left behind by growth in the use of technology. One of the main signals of this trend is, for instance, the fact that spending on digital education in the US is projected to reach US$26.8 billion in 20181, a 100 percent increase from 2014’s digital education budget2, out of which a large amount is expected to be on PC upgrades, tablets, readers, and learning apps.

Elsewhere, starting with its “Opening up Education” initiative in 2013, the European Commission has placed a strong emphasis on the relevance of new technologies in education, fostering investments and projects among Member States3 in order to reduce the gap between other developed countries.

However, due to the sovereign debt crisis and the structure of education financing, which is mostly public (i.e., tuitions fees are generally low or non-existent in the EU, while tuitions fees have grown by 1,120 percent over the past 35 years in the US), the projected growth of technology spending, particularly IT, for education will probably not be in the same league as in the United States.

Despite European Member States’ many budgetary constraints, the European Commission—especially through the initiatives set forth in the framework of the Europe 2020 strategy—is making considerable investment in research and project implementation to foster the adoption of technology in education.

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