A new generation of employees and technology


A new generation of employees and technology

How leadership needs to evolve to handle tomorrow’s challenges

Executive Summary

The workplace is by nature ever-evolving. Not long ago, computers were still a novelty and handing out loyalty gifts to employees with 30, or even 40 years’ service was nothing out of the ordinary. But this era is slowly coming to a close; in a few of years from now, the last of the baby boomers will retire, Generation Z will enter the workforce, and robots will play an increasingly important role in corporations. These major disruptions are already showing their first symptoms: employee turnover is increasing, digitalization of every aspect of work is progressing, employer excellence awards are becoming more important, and employees worry about losing their jobs to robots.

A new generation of employees with a modern upbringing is arriving on the scene with challenging expectations toward their employers—and a new generation of technology is making automation a reality. Among other trends, these are likely to be the two key drivers of future change and it is time for leadership to prepare for the resulting challenges.

Inside Magazine - Issue 15 - June 2017

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