Going global - HR as the ultimate change agent


Going global - HR as the ultimate change agent

Executive Summary

In the business world, “globalization” refers to the integration of corporate operations, processes, technologies and strategies into various cultures, products, services and ideas. As businesses become increasingly global, organizations are seeking to improve their ability to attract, build and retain a global workforce, but more importantly, to enable productive and efficient synergies between people with different cultures, personal values and ways of working.

To stay competitive in an increasingly global environment, corporations must secure capabilities that will enable them to realign their workforce effectively within a changing and constantly evolving business environment. Such capabilities may include a digital culture that facilitates and enables communication and collaboration; improved global mobility programs that make it possible to move employees between countries efficiently and easily; and standardized and repeatable HR processes and systems to (i) manage talent supply and demand, and (ii) manage global development programs or even new staffing models that use outsourcing, contingent workers, and strategic partnerships to improve scalability and flexibility.

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Inside magazine issue 12, June 2016

Inside is Deloitte’s quarterly magazine offering an exclusive insight into best practices, trends and opportunities faced by our clients across all industries.

Inside focuses on the main hot topics relevant for the market (Asset management, Banking, Insurance, Public sector, Healthcare, Private equity, Real estate, TMT, Manufacturing and consumer business, Transport and logistics).

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