The new knowledge management

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The new knowledge management

Mining the collective intelligence

Authors: Stefan Weiss, Faris Behme, Sandy Becker (Germany)

Knowledge management remains one of the top three issues affecting company success and has become even more essential with the COVID-19 pandemic’s scattering of staff among homes and work sites. However only nine per cent of business leaders feel ready to address it.


The latest edition of Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends study ranks ‘knowledge management’ as one of the top three issues influencing company success, yet only 9 per cent of surveyed organisations feel ready to address it.1 The transfer of knowledge has become even more essential as COVID-19 has scattered staff among homes and different work sites. But traditional views of how to handle knowledge no longer apply.

Some business leaders have not yet recognised that. They have a false sense of security, believing that technology will enable knowledge to be transferred, with platforms and tools helping dispersed teams stay connected. But Deloitte’s recent research has shown that technology alone will not be enough to harvest the value of knowledge management. And workforces have made it clear that they expect more from their employers. For future success, organisations should shift their focus from knowledge capture to knowledge creation and transfer, and champion a knowledge-sharing culture as vehemently as they champion tools and platforms.

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