From Great Resignation to Great Reimagination

Understanding how organizations can capitalize on the current labor challenges to rearchitect, recharge, and reinvent how work gets done.

With employees more willing than ever to leave for fresh opportunities, and companies struggling to resume pre-pandemic operations with fewer people, leaders have an opportunity to reimagine the workforce, the workplace, and work itself.

This article is the latest in our compendium of articles on the Great Resignation, where we explore why workers are leaving—and how to rearchitect work, recharge the workforce, and reimagine the workplace.

These insights can help organizations to better harness and leverage technology, empower people, and create a better experience for all employees while delivering superior outcomes for customers and stakeholders.

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How global labor markets are recovering from COVID-19

Two years after the pandemic shocked economies around the world, what is the state of the labor market in different countries? Explore key labor market trends across different countries below.



















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