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HR in the Cloud

HRIS Workshop series

Through those workshops, Deloitte experts will give you insights based on our knowledge around the cloud and its importance for the HR function as well as our best practices. Check out our next planned sessions, summaries of discussed topics and supporting materials.

2016 HR in the Cloud workshops

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  1. HRIS workshop session I - How can technology support HR function in its strategic role
    25 October 2016
  2. HRIS workshop session II - Building a strong business case for your HR system related initiatives
    16 November 2016
  3. HRIS workshop session III - Selecting the right HRIS solution
    8 February 2017
  4. HRIS workshop session IV - HRIS market trends
    21 March 2017
  5. HRIS workshop session V  - An overview of SAP-SuccessFactors, the leading HRIS solution
    17 May 2017
  6. HRIS workshop session VI - An overview of Employee Central, the leading SAP-SuccessFactors Core HR module
    To be confirmed

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Workshop 1: How can technology support HR function in its strategic role

25 October 2016

Talent management can be defined as “an integrated, dynamic process, which enables organisations to define, acquire and develop the talent that it needs to meet its strategic objectives.” Bersin (2008).

Today, we are living in a period where almost all HR processes are automated, using multiple solutions. Having a fully integrated solution for all HR processes, including Talent Management and Core HR processes, is the next step in the HR Transformation journey.

This workshop covers the following topics which are set to provide you with the key aspects of HR processes integration:

  • Integrating HR processes: key benefits and risks
  • How ready is your organization to start integrating?
  • How integrated processes help to streamline the user experience
  • Your journey for fully integrated HR processes


Workshop 2: Building a strong business case for your HR system related initiatives

16 November 2016

In many organisations, HR professionals, employees and managers are all convinced that their current HRIS situation should change. This is due to the complexity of HR solutions they are using, their lack of innovation and lack of flexibility, among other reasons. Unfortunately, finding tangible benefits behind the implementation of new HRIS solutions can be challenging. This workshop will help you link your HRIS initiatives with business objectives and demonstrate the necessity of launching your HR system related initiatives through methodology, roadmap and concrete examples.

Workshop 3: Selecting the right HRIS solution

8 February 2017

Selecting the right HRIS solution is the one of the most important steps for a successful implementation project. But as solution vendors are expanding their capabilities, operate in a highly competitive market and offer similar features, selecting the right tool is not an easy process. Customers are facing serious challenges when choosing the right solution that will meet their needs and maximize benefits with fewer security and integration risks. They can quickly get lost and are often wondering how to select the right HRIS solution. In our workshop “Selecting the right HRIS solution”, we discussed the selection process steps, as well as selection criteria and lessons learned.

Workshop 4: HRIS market trends

The HRIS market is rapidly growing. New solutions emerged, existing ones expanded their capabilities, and there were multiple consolidations.

Leading HRIS solutions cover almost all HR needs and are still enhancing their features and covering new areas.

The objective of this workshop was to review the current and future situation of the local HRIS market.

As there are multiple particularities in terms of client needs and regulations in Luxembourg, here is a chance to discover how your organisation can take the best benefit from the currently available HRIS options.

Workshop 5: An overview of SAP-SuccessFactors, the leading HRIS solution

17 May 2017

SAP – SuccessFactors is a leading Human Resources solution, covering all HR needs, from Core HR to Talent Management.

This solution is rich in terms of functionalities, embedding best practices and having mobile capabilities.

In this workshop, we presented the key features of the solution, in order for you to see how these features could support your HR strategy and enable your HR function, employees and managers with best-in class services.

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