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Aligning learning with business objectives

Since skills training is no longer a “nice to have” extra but an essential part of a business’s competitive advantage, it needs to be embedded in the workplace culture and routine throughout the employee lifecycle. Deloitte can assist you in making this a reality in your organisation.

Corporate learning: Beyond eLearning and course development

Successful corporate learning today goes far beyond basic eLearning and course development and is driven by strategic business goals. Winning talent strategies are not limited to recruiting and retaining the best but also constantly enhancing their skills. Corporate learning, when strategically deployed, enables your people to better anticipate and adapt to new business challenges and settings. 

Alignment of corporate learning with business strategy

Organisations face increasing pressures to develop their people’s capacity to support evolving business objectives. In this environment, learning and development is of strategic importance. The more closely organisations align learning strategies with corporate goals, the more value they will deliver to their clients. And the more value they are able to deliver, the more efficiently they can address business needs. 

Learning strategies and evaluation for an optimal return on investment

Employees must acquire new skills and update their industry knowledge on a regular basis to stay on top of market needs.

But, with increased expectations of learning and pressures on budgets, learning must be targeted to enable employees to successfully address the most pressing company issues.

That’s why organisations investing heavily in corporate learning should aim for the best return on investment possible.

eLearning and course development should have a measurable return on investment in terms of: improved customer satisfaction, higher sales, improved productivity, an overall increase in the bottom line, or better regulatory compliance. Smart learning strategies and policies deliver these measurable results and integrate formal and continuous evaluation.

Deloitte services in corporate learning: Learning strategies, course development, eLearning and evaluation

Deloitte provides corporate learning solutions across the corporate learning continuum: analysis, strategy design, implementation and process design, deployment and evaluation. To each phase we bring deep industry experience, subject knowledge, strategic analysis and course development know-how.

Our activities include carrying out gap and cost-benefit analyses, designing learning strategies, implementing processes for programme evaluation and providing overall feedback, as well as eLearning and course development.

We have the experience and capabilities to support initiatives both large and small. We don’t just give you advice - we also help with implementation and evaluation. 


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Basil Sommerfeld

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