e-Learning design and development services

Discover how Deloitte Luxembourg e-Learning design and development services can help you manage training for large number of trainees over several geographies and time zones.

Your challenge

Employees must acquire new skills and update their industry knowledge on a regular basis to stay on top of market needs. In multinational organisations, with large number of trainees and spanning several geographies and time zones, instructor-led training may not address the needs of all learners; in these cases, e-learning may be a good solution, but must be custom-made to reflect the exact learning objectives and industry context.

With increased expectations of learning and pressures on learning budgets, the impact of e-learning on learners’ behaviour must be measurable.

Your issues:

  • How do we deploy engaging and effective training programmes to a large number of participants?
  • How do we increase availability of training to 24/7 all year round or make training programmes available across different locations?
  • How do we ensure consistent high-quality delivery of key messages and learning objectives?
  • How do we assess it if the e-learning offer has achieved its objectives and had an impact on performance?

Our solution

Deloitte provides e-learning design and development services for both private and public sector actors. We design e-learning based on in-depth preliminary and follow-up analyses of client business and learning objectives and culture and target beneficiary baseline skills and needs.

We deliver quality and tailor-made e-learning content to be deployed anytime, anywhere. We also train and continuously support e-learning implementers to ensure prompt trouble-shooting. Finally, we deliver timely recommendations for course improvement as well as identify potential for scaling and follow-up of e-learnings. 


Basil Sommerfeld

Basil Sommerfeld

Partner | Operations & Human Capital Leader

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