Human resources information system

EducosVISION® is a modular, web-enabled IT solution based on an integrated view of HR. It provides you with 10 modules to manage the various fields of your firm’s HR efficiently.

Boosting your human resources through smart technology

Because of the high expectations being placed on the effective management of people, there is an increasing need for integrated, seamless Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) – such as EducosVISION®.

EducosVISION® is not only an invaluable management tool to assist you with all aspects of managing your Human Capital effectively, but also an expert, web-enabled, flexible and customisable system that uses the latest technology and its powerful framework to offer the full integration required by HR professionals to increase their work's value.

As EducosVISION® is a modular package it can grow together with the needs of your HR organisation and with the size of your company. Although modular it provides consistency and accuracy of data meaning that you can generate reports and dashboards that you can rely on at the click of a button.

The employee and manager self-service offered by EducosVISION® allows you to streamline your HR processes and put the relevant HR information at the hands of the managers and employees in a secure way.

EducosVISION® allows for a quick and incremental implementation and a proven return on investment by lowering the cost of the HR administration. 


EducosVISION® 10 modules

EducosVISION® is built around 3 principles and 10 modules:

  • Acquire and develop

- Recruitment and selection

- Training and development

- Performance management

  • Streamline and automate

- Personal

- Compensation and benefits

- Fleet management

- Self-service

  • Measure and engage

- Manpower planning and organisational design

- Leave

- System reports



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Basil Sommerfeld

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