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Knowledge Management services

Unleashing the power of knowledge – enabling the workforce of tomorrow

In today’s business world, complexity is everywhere and knowledge is key to keeping on top of what is ahead. Creating an environment where knowledge can be created, circulated and ultimately shared at the right place and time is crucial to ensuring that an organization can thrive.

Sustainable, mature KM Programs enable an organization's workforce to optimize knowledge & information flow for solidly-based, real-time decision making and to leverage knowledge for competitive advantage, thus are essential for workforce performance and an organization's success.

Our unique knowledge exchange service provides a tailored answer to leveraging and unleashing the power of knowledge, be it in-person or in a virtual format.

Share & Connect – breaking the barriers of knowledge sharing

Is your organization facing internal knowledge silos, geographical isolation of employees or a high turn-over, ultimately jeopardizing your workforce’s quality of work and efficiency where knowledge is not shared?

Are your teams ‘stuck’ in worn out work structures impacting their ability to collaborate and to effectively move forward?

Deloitte’s unique Share & Connect offering has the solution to your knowledge sharing challenges through a tailor-made approach that fits the specific needs of your organization. It focuses on bringing people together, inviting them to share, discover and exchange, and to connect the dots between people and knowledge.

Your challenge

Our approach

Your benefit

Your challenge

  • You understand the importance of trust-worthy relationships and an effective knowledge exchange amongst your workforce. You realize that these are key success factors for teams to work productively and efficiently together.
  • It is a challenge to establish strong, strategic networking structures and a powerful knowledge sharing culture in an organization.
  • For this purpose, you need to create the right frame and momentum to fuel your workforce’s commitment & involvement.
  • The solution is our "Share & Connect" format. It focuses on bringing people together, inviting them to share, discover and exchange and to connect the dots between people & knowledge.

Our approach

In-person exchange is key to drive ideas forward in life, be it personal or in business. And we want to provide an antidote to the lack of personal connections in the fast-paced, fragmented world of today.

In a simple but flexible, interactive and audience-centered format, we:

  • Set-the-scene, creating a welcoming atmosphere, making attendees feel at ease
  • Apply proven interactive activities to ensure a systematic networking focused on professional topics
  • Use effective facilitation techniques to engage the audience, encourage creative reflection and to steer the conversation
  • Incorporate a broad range of expertise & experience to provide deep insights into specific topics and challenges relevant to your business

Your benefit

Share & Connect helps your organization to leverage business-relevant experience, expertise and skills to better perform and deliver high quality results by:

  • Connecting colleagues across units to build strong relationships
  • Raising awareness about the value of knowledge sharing through experience and learning from one another
  • Creating a deeper understanding of your company, its purpose and market situation
  • Identifying potential future action points and their roadmap to ultimately increase operational efficiency and reduce operational risk

Why Deloitte ?

Deloitte has successfully implemented this format internally for the past three years through more than 70 Share & Connect sessions that welcomed more than 2,000 participants. An independent internal survey showed a 95% satisfaction rate regarding job impact, program value, learning curve, facilitation, support materials, event structure and organization.


The Share & Connect experience was unprecedented with Deloitte Lux, no other cross-functional interaction was ever made that simple: meeting people from different teams, from Consulting to Tax, working at various stages of the same project was really impressive and inspiring in terms of how we can deliver tremendous expertise within the same company.


It was my first Share & Connect experience and it exceeded all my expectations. Congratulations for the magnificent organization and for promoting the deep commitment and involvement of all parties that I sensed.


Every Share & Connect, I'm impressed how the facilitator gets everyone to engage and is very knowledgeable.
The presentations were very interesting and encouraged us to interact and think out of the box.

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Francois Bade

Francois Bade

Partner | Banking & Human Capital

Francois joined Deloitte in 2017, and currently serves as partner in Consulting Banking, Insurance & Non FSI for the Human Capital sector. Francois has extensive experience in managing strategy, coord... More

Pascal Martino

Pascal Martino

Partner | Banking and Human Capital Leader

Pascal Martino has 20 years of experience in Business Consulting and Advisory services and developed a wide expertise in Private and Retail Banking. Pascal is leading the Banking industry transversall... More

Kirstin Juncker Plab

Kirstin Juncker Plab

Senior Manager | Knowledge Management

Kirstin joined Deloitte Luxembourg in 2015 and is a Senior Manager in our Knowledge Management (KM) team. She is the responsible team lead for the Central KM team and responsible for the overall imple... More

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