Vendor rationalisation

Even though budgets are beginning to increase, leaders are scrutinising learning vendor spending and focusing on process and cost management - presenting an opportunity for improvement.

Your vendor rationalisation challenge

Internal teams are now looked upon for more strategic activities including talent development, measurement of learning effectiveness and learning activities that can add value for the investment.

However, using a vendor for these types of activities may be a better option. In order to re-evaluate current vendor relations or build the desired vendor mix, organisations should follow a rationalisation process. This will help with striking the right balance of versatility, specialisation, breadth, depth and commitment.

The right mix should also consider the company's needs for full service vendors with broad capabilities versus transactional vendors for one-off projects that are highly specialised. 

Vendor rationalisation

Our vendor rationalisation services

Deloitte conducts current state assessments through meetings with stakeholders and analysis of current mix and spend and review them against industry benchmarks. We design the vendor selection process, identify standard tools and templates (e.g., RFI, evaluation criteria, performance review) and develop the learning vendor governance model. With our clients, we hold working sessions to validate process and governance model.

We identify vendors and the required information to be collected from each vendor in a preferred vendor RFI. We assist our clients in launching the RFI, reviewing the results and down selecting preferred vendors. Finally, we help to execute new vendor management processes and governance framework and manage ongoing processes while continuously communicating with the relevant stakeholders. 


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