Building digital trust: Technology can lead the way

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Building digital trust: Technology can lead the way

Business leaders can put technologies at work to build the four pillars of digital trust

Technologies used for digital transformation can also be leveraged to enhance trust—when they’re used to enhance transparency, reinforce ethical practices, boost data privacy, and harden security.

Gaining customers’ trust—not just in a business’s products and services, but in its core purpose and principles—is fundamental to an enterprise’s success. But what if efforts to drive your business’s success also increase the risk of sparking customers’ distrust?

That’s the dilemma that many business leaders find themselves in today as they pursue digital transformation efforts to embed technology into every facet of their operations. With the advent of digital technology, businesses have been asking customers to trust them in new and deeper ways, from asking for their personal information to tracking their online behavior through digital breadcrumbs.

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