The Deloitte Greenhouse Breakthrough Lab


The Deloitte Greenhouse Breakthrough Lab


and unpack your current situation, your market and its environment, identify trends, and opportunities.


and connect your team. Brainstorm breakthrough solutions and ideas. Define your ambitions.


a plan and align your team on the way forward. Prototype and validate your ideas.

We've learned in order to achieve real breakthrough you've got to play by different rules. Our 10 principles are the inspiration behind our custom-client Lab design experiences. Use them to break away from business as usual.

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The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience converges behavioral science, design thinking, and strategy to help you with:

Deloitte Greenhouse: Breakthrough Manifesto

The Greenhouse science


Research Based
Frameworks built on empirical data, research, and cumulative learnings from thousands of Greenhouse sessions globally.

Immersive and Interactive
Exercises based on behavioral research, social psychology, and group dynamics to engage both individuals and teams.

High Tech and High Touch
State-of-the-art technology and facilities which incorporate physicality, data visualization, and design thinking.

Consciously Designed Environment
Movable panels, flexible furniture, and an intimate space built to spark conversation.

Experienced Facilitators
Specialized intervention, disruption, alignment and consensus training to accelerate breakthroughs.

Cutting Edge Data Analytics and Visualizations
Interactive, intuitive, insight-rich visualizations that make data come to life.


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Does your team need a breakthrough?
Our labs help you dig into complex issues to break away from the status-quo and get to breakthrough.

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