Mind & Market in Luxembourg goes digital


Mind & Market in Luxembourg goes digital

This year, from 10 to 25 November, 22 promising startups were offered a unique opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas to a multidisciplinary panel of experts and members of the startup ecosystem.

The fifth edition of Mind & Market in Luxembourg, the popular forum that brings together startups and corporates was, for the first time, entirely digital. At a time when flexibility is more necessary than ever, the concept behind Mind & Market was reimagined to suit the current circumstances imposed by the health crisis. Startups from all over the globe were welcomed online to the new and improved forum where their promising ideas could become a reality.

Supporting the economy while helping startups

The Mind & Market in Luxembourg initiative continues to foster innovation within the economy, offering corporations/businesses a fresh insight into cutting-edge market trends and startups the opportunity to network with industry experts and to meet organizations eager to collaborate.

Our main goal is to foster innovation and collaboration, to bring together startups and corporations with the common goal of growth and evolution. This initiative’s success is mainly due to strong collaboration between key market players in Luxembourg, who share the same ambition for the country’s future. Collaboration is more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. By matching innovative solutions to market needs, Mind & Market in Luxembourg acts as a catalyst for startup growth,” explains Luc Brucher, Partner and Deloitte Private Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg.

A tech triumph

Over six sessions, startups were challenged to envision the future of healthcare with HealthTech, revamp the real estate industry with PropTech, rethink management companies’ models with ManCoTech, as well as debut new topics such as SportsTech and SpaceTech, and not forgetting the ever-important topic of sustainability.

"The driving force behind the Mind & Market forums in Luxembourg is to bring together carriers of innovative ideas - the 'Mind' component - with companies that have a large client base and capital who may be interested in these ideas - the 'Market' component," explains Marc Sniukas, Head of Innovation Practice at Deloitte Luxembourg.

And the awards go to…

Each Mind & Market session and their candidates showed great promise and innovation. However, there were a few that shone brightest of all and it is our pleasure to announce the winners and their prizes. Each prize was carefully selected to aid their business growth.

Mission Space, a company designing and building constellations of nano satellites for earth and space observations were the proud winners of the SpaceTech category.

The HealthTech section awarded first prize to MyelinH, who is building a revolutionary software technology for early diagnosis of diseases.

Tiquest, the smart digital assistant for physical shops and their customers, was granted first place in the sustainability category. Thanks to RTL’s generous support, Tiquest were fortunate enough to win a number of free publicity campaigns with the media group across their digital platforms.

The remaining categories including SportsTech, ManCoTech and PropTech were sponsored by Deloitte Luxembourg. The firm offered each winning startup, Bounce, Modus3, and RoomMate the chance to be mentored through the program Catalyst. Bounce is developing a more sustainable solution for tennis rackets and ping-pong paddles; Modus3 is working on a smart task management platform for regulated companies; and RoomMate is developing a real estate management platform for medium to long-term rentals.

With a helping hand and advice from more established businesses, each startup will have a real advantage when developing their business model.

Mind & Market in Luxembourg is an initiative organized by Deloitte Luxembourg, Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), Luxinnovation, University of Luxembourg, Mind & Market ASBL, Fedil, Paul Wurth InCub, Equilibre ASBL, RTL, Alter Domus and LuxProptech ASBL.

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