Towards digital finance world


Towards a new digital finance world

Crypto Assets will be part of the future financial eco-system the same way the market is today issuing, distributing, registering and safe-keeping financial instruments.


Five years after the blockchain boom, the financial world has changed and matured.
While we once talked about blockchain like fish might talk about flying, today we have a better understanding of what cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger (DLT) and other digital technologies can achieve. Different solutions and applications leveraging these new technologies have been launched, with varying degrees of success.

One of the first lessons learned was that blockchain is unlikely to completely disrupt the way financial markets are regulated and organized. However, it is clear that this technology can provide more efficient and transparent issuance, distribution and asset servicing methods.

So far, we have produced more papers and studies about blockchain and DLT than actual projects; but what entity would reasonably play and invest in the digital marketplace without first knowing the rules of the game? Clearly, a legal and regulatory framework was the missing piece of the digitalization puzzle; however, this page is about to be turned.

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01. What is the new Digital Finance Package

Since blockchain technology first emerged, we have seen several crypto assets and digital currencies launch, of which Bitcoin is the most well-known. The high volatility of these instruments has led to regulators issuing warnings to protect investors.

02. Tomorrow's digital finance ecosystem

When designing tomorrow’s digital finance model, it is important to first define the business requirements and then apply the relevant technology to answer these needs, and not the other way around.

03. A new world of crypto-asset opportunities under a regulated framework

We are on the cusp of a new global securities and payment environment; the pilot regime’s new DLT platform aims to support new payment models that re-organize the issuance, distribution and servicing of assets, affecting wholesale and retail stakeholders alike.

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