Working virtually


Working virtually

Virtual is here to stay

As a leader in this new reality, you need to quickly embrace virtual as your new normal, and you need to be the virtual role model for your team. Now you have the opportunity to take virtual leadership to the next level and learn how to deliver impact differently. These skills will stay relevant in our ever more digital world (think more teams working remotely; more freelancers; more divergent schedules). Securing virtual leadership competencies is crucial – not just now – but likely for the time to come.

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#1 Working virtually:

Working from home can normally be a welcoming change to our days at the office. However, when working from home suddenly is the new normal, we need to change our ways of working. The lines between our work life and personal life can become blurry, and it can be tempting to escape from our routines. We have developed 10 tips that will help you be successful while working from home.

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#2 Leading virtual teams:

As we all are facing COVID-19, many of us have stepped into a new reality of virtual working, which poses new challenges for leaders. It goes without saying, virtual is not physical and team connection and productivity will not automatically continue in a virtual world. Virtual teaming affords many benefits but presents a higher risk of misalignment and lack of collaboration, which may take a toll on team trust and employee engagement if not done right. Discover Eight principles for mastering virtual leadership of teams.

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#3: Virtual Facilitation:

Meeting virtually will dominate our ways of working amidst the COVID-19 crisis, and to be successful virtually, we must overcome a fundamental challenge: trust. Whereas most business professionals foresee an important increase in the use of online collaboration platform and a drop in face-to-face meetings, the lack of trust experienced when moving from physical to virtual collaboration cannot be ignored. If we manage to establish an atmosphere of trust between all participants on virtual platforms, we can help stimulate creativity, collaboration, productivity and innovation. We have developed eight tips that will help you build trust on virtual platforms.

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