Insurance Market Insights


Insurance Market Insights

First freely available insurance benchmarking tool in Luxembourg

Since 2016, the Solvency II Directive has required all insurance and reinsurance undertakings to publicly disclose extensive reports on their solvency and financial condition. As the data quality improved, it became essential for all undertakings to collect this key information to benchmark themselves and identify opportunities and weaknesses in their strategy or models.

In this context, Deloitte Luxembourg has created and shared a complete set of relevant and interactive dashboards, providing all users with free access to the first Solvency II benchmarking tool on the Luxembourgish market. All relevant Solvency II information on Luxembourg’s entire life insurance market (with a few exceptions) is now available from 2016 to 2020.

This benchmarking platform is based on publicly available Solvency II figures in (re)insurance undertakings’ solvency and financial condition reports (SFCRs) and quantitative reporting templates (QRTs), which are published annually. The platform will be continuously updated and will soon include the non-life insurance market.

Deloitte Luxembourg has also collected and structured all information provided by Luxembourgish statutory accounts. As a result, we can provide clients with a deep analysis of the insurance profitability of the entire market by combining and interpreting this data, which is not showcased in this platform.

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Contact us in case you need further information or if you are interested in:

  • Performing an overall analysis of your activity and performance based on public and internal data, by leveraging our deep knowledge of the insurance market;
  • Having access to a dedicated and custom benchmarking tool, allowing you to monitor specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and share an impactful dashboard with your Board and top management; and
  • Creating an extended and tailored dashboard based on multiple data sources, which includes analytical tools and an advanced visualization solution.

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Insurance Leader
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Hervé Marchand

Data Management
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Alexandre Heluin

Actuarial & Insurance Solutions
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