Fraud management systems


Fraud management systems

Monitor, detect, alert.

Like all firms, insurance companies have to consider fraud and fraud attempts that can cause heavy losses and jeopardise their continued good functioning. You can prevent, detect and investigate fraud with an adequate detection system.

A fraud detection system will help you to industrialise and systemise your fraud management prevention and detection workflows. It can also be tailored to work with a large volume or a wide range of transactions types. Meanwhile you can concentrate resources on analysing fraud instead of on manual detection.

Our fraud management services

Fraud systems
Deloitte can provide fraud systems that strengthen and automate the monitoring activities based on internal and external data (employees, customer, third parties…). One of the tools available in this solution is an investigation module to manage alerts generated during the detection and prevention processes. Alerts can be confirmed or skipped, assigned to users, reports, etc.

Understanding your fraud risks
In order to meet your requirements, Deloitte will begin by determining the area of your business on which the proof of concept will be performed. We will carry out a first "Fraud Health Check Workshop” in that area, which records:

  • Policy, procedures and fraud controls,
  • Known instances of fraud,
  • Unexplained exceptions,
  • Exceptions due to complicated/poorly understood process, etc.

The fraud risks are then assessed and ranked.

Proof of concept implementation
We will help defining relevant detection rules and models to be used in the proof of concept. We then define possible early triggers or emerging signs of complex situations supported by inconsistent data, duplicates or missing entries relative to target areas, and then conduct a full scale risk analysis. We can also adapt the fraud system from very specific fields to more general fields.


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