China isn’t emerging, it’s returning


China isn’t emerging, it’s returning!

Claude Hellers of Fundbridge and private investor, David Baverez in discussion

Claude Hellers, Managing Partner at Fundbridge had the opportunity to share views and opinions on the latest developments in China with David Baverez, a former portfolio manager who resides in Hong Kong and remains close to the market as a private investor.

Executive Summary

  • For the first time, an economic cycle has begun in China. Investors can only call themselves truly global, if they also invest in China.
  • Western investors’ ignorance of Mainland China poses a huge risk and there must be a concerted effort to learn about and understand China as a country.
  • Regarding the topic of ESG, China proposes that it will be carbon neutral by 2060. There also needs to be the understanding that the social organization is completely different from the West. This can be overcome by investing in companies with a governance aligned with the interests of its shareholders.
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Performance magazine issue 35, May 2021

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