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Connecting Luxembourg with the world

Deloitte Luxembourg offers a complete range of services for international companies interested or involved in cross-border investments and operations with Luxembourg.

Our services include advice and assistance with tax, legal and regulatory issues and consulting support.

German Business Community

German companies are playing an increasingly important role in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, not only in the financial sector, but also in trade and industry as well as technology and including in the new economic sectors such as the logistics, automotive and media industry.

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Italian Business Community

The Italian Business Community was created to meet the needs of professionals and Italian companies in Luxembourg, as well as those who want to invest or develop their presence, offering specific services through multidisciplinary teams.

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Luxembourg Chinese Services Group

The Chinese Services Group (CSG) assists companies investing and operating in China as well as works closely with Chinese companies seeking overseas expansion opportunities.

Whether Chinese companies are entering the China market for the first time or seeking to optimise existing operations, the CSG, in collaboration with the China firm, can help identify an expanding range of opportunities to manufacture, source, and/or sell in China and navigate the associated risks.

The CSG also assists Chinese companies seeking to access overseas markets - expanding operations, raising capital from public or private sources and/or acquiring overseas assets. Our global network of bilingual professionals works with colleagues in China to deliver seamless service to globalising Chinese companies.

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Asia Pacific Desk

In response to the increasing demand from the Chinese and Asia Pacific Region financial and multinational companies wishing to invest in European products, Deloitte has opened a Luxembourg desk in Greater China, based in the Deloitte offices in Hong Kong.

Since 2008, this strategic presence enables Deloitte Luxembourg to advise a growing number of clients from China and the Asia Pacific Region (Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.).

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New York Desk

In order to assist US companies doing business in multiple jurisdictions to obtain reliable tax information, guidance in a time-efficient manner and to help them understand how the Luxembourg tax rules can create opportunities for US investors, Deloitte established a Luxembourg desk in New York.

This initiative was taken in the framework of the International Core of Excellence (ICE) program developed by Deloitte Tax LLP.

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