Luxembourg the European Hub


Luxembourg, the European Hub

Bridging gaps across Europe for China

Why Luxembourg for China?

As we say in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, small is beautiful.
Although Luxembourg is one of the world’s smallest sovereign states, it has been successful in attracting Mainland China-based investors, banks, multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises, sovereign wealth funds, and high net worth individuals seeking to establish or expand their business in Europe. In fact, the many advantages it offers have established Luxembourg as China’s de facto gateway to the European Union (EU).

Thanks to its innovative and pioneering attitude, Luxembourg has earned its reputation as the ideal hub for Chinese outbound activities, irrespective of their regulatory profile, and bridged the gap across Europe.

Luxembourg is the world’s second-largest fund center (after the United States), the global leader in cross-border fund distribution, and a long-established fund domicile for investment flows into and out of China.

Seven Tier 1 Chinese banks and key Chinese players have chosen to base their European headquarters in Luxembourg and thereby selected Luxembourg as a hub for their European operations. Leveraging the European passporting system, these leading players are able to serve the entire EU from Luxembourg, taking advantage of its position as a promoter of cross-border business. In addition, Luxembourg is already carving out a niche for itself in the sphere of digital financial services and as a hub for financial technology underpinned by the combined efforts of the financial industry, FinTech innovators, public research bodies, and government.

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