Reporting requirements in Asia


Reporting requirements in Asia

Guiding you through the challenges of cross-border fund distribution

In our quest to provide ourclients with detailed support onhow to access Asian markets,we drafted the first editionof our Navigating Asia report,which provided insights into thebusiness cultures, markets, anddistribution trends in severalcountries, while also coveringtheir local regulatory and taxframeworks.

Executive Summary

For the second edition of the report, we sought to address another major challenge for our industry: the reporting requirements for foreign domiciled funds distributed in Asia. In today’s world, reporting is the cornerstone of ever-expanding regulatory regimes and transparency requirements, which in turn create additional barriers to market access coupled with greater demand for expertise in compiling and submitting the necessary reports. By ongoing reporting, we mean reporting in the broad sense, which encompasses the requirements that foreign asset managers must meet when marketing their funds in Asian countries, i.e., tax reporting at fund level, ongoing regulatory reporting obligations to maintain registrations (e.g. specific disclosures to investors, filing of financial statements), and statistical reporting. In this second edition, we examine the various tax implications for local investors when investing in such foreign domiciled funds, as well as the tax requirements applying to foreign domiciled funds that invest in local securities.

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Performance magazine issue 34, January 2021

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