Deloitte Luxembourg New York desk

ICE Team

In order to assist US companies doing business in multiple jurisdictions to obtain reliable tax information, guidance in a time-efficient manner and to help them understand how the Luxembourg tax rules can create opportunities for US investors, Deloitte established a Luxembourg desk in New York.

This initiative was taken in the framework of the International Core of Excellence (ICE) program developed by Deloitte Tax LLP.

The Luxembourg International Core of Excellence team, a group of senior Luxembourg international tax specialists based in U.S. offices, is a valuable resource, providing assistance on tax issues and working closely with various Deloitte offices across the US as well as other foreign desks based in New York.

Operating in the same time zone and in close geographical proximity, our Luxembourg desk in New York can easily participate in ad-hoc meetings or brainstorming sessions with US based clients on their terms and in their language. They are available to instantly and personally explain local ramifications of the tax alternatives considered.

Our tax specialists located in New York are experienced and specialised in serving US clients, and have a working knowledge of the interaction between the US and the Luxembourg tax systems. They are able to bring an integrated US and Luxembourg perspective to any situation and answer the specific needs of US companies such as:

• Local cash/ tax savings

• Effective management of E&P pools and tax credits

• Local tax reduction solutions fitting your international tax /cash repatriation strategy


Nicolas Devergne

Nicolas Devergne

Partner | Cross-Border Tax

Nicolas joined Deloitte in December 2005 in the Cross Border Tax department, where he currently is a Partner. Nicolas is focusing on cross-border tax consulting for International groups investing in E... More