53 pages for 45 questions


53 pages for 45 questions

Deloitte Luxembourg ’s 2020 Cross-Border Fund Distribution Conference explored the future of the asset management industr y and what opportunities the next decade will hold.

Now in its 8th edition, Deloitte Luxembourg’s 2020 Cross Border Distribution Conference has become a keynote event within the wider investment management industry. As part of the conference, we publish white papers highlighting particular topics. For the 2020 conference, given the start of a new decade, we concentrated on looking Towards 2030: New Opportunities, New Expectations, exploring the future for distribution and regulation, the complex pursuit of profitable growth and the everpresent issue of technology.

Executive Summary

Our 2020 conference publications gave our insights into the future; firstly our Fund Distribution Industry Survey of 45 questions whose results across 53 pages provided a benchmark on the operational best practises of key asset management actors. Around forty global asset managers participated, representing a broad range of assets under management, and the conclusions were generally in line with the trends we see in our day-to-day business. The other paper from Casey Quirk, a Deloitte business, shared high-level conclusions from recent industry papers focusing on the industrial evolution, distribution and integration.

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Performance magazine issue 32, May 2020

Performance is a triannual digest, dedicated to investment management professionals, which brings you the latest articles, news and market developments from Deloitte’s professionals and clients.

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