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China Investment - When A, C, and H spell Connect…

Executive Summary

The alphabet soup for both inward and outward investment into China has long been a preserve for the initiated. QFII, RQFII, QDII, the more esoteric QDLP, and QFLP (yes they do exist—go to look them up!) may seem bewildering to the outsider, and a form of almost club-ish shorthand used among those in the know.

This is perhaps a little exaggerated as a perception, but overall there is the feeling that yes, it is possible to invest in China, even to some extent to distribute products in China (did you know that you can sell UCITS to QDIIs?), but to do so you must invest the time and effort to understand how the various structures work, to determine the most appropriate, and then to apply for the relevant authorizations.

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Performance magazine issue 18, September 2015

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