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Zoom in with the 2022 EMEA Asset Manager Survey

Key trends, challenges, and market insights on traditional and alternative asset managers

As the world emerges from under the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic, the asset management industry has not only weathered the storm but, despite significant challenges, emerged stronger. Deloitte Luxembourg, in conjunction with Deloitte Ireland, launched its biannual survey among European investment management industry players to gain a holistic view of recent challenges, understand today’s market needs, and to anticipate future trends.

The latest edition, focusing on asset managers, welcomed the participation of 11 global players headquartered in five countries across Western Europe with a combined €9.7 trillion of assets under management (AuM). The participants were a representative sample of the industry, covering a range of organizations including liquid-only or illiquid managers, those belonging to larger financial groups, independent firms, or insurance companies, and those who manage either in-house or third-party funds.

The main takeaways from this year’s survey included asset managers reporting a mostly positive impact of the pandemic with higher productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and accelerated digitalization contributing to 80% of those questioned seeing an increase in revenue in the past three years. In light of investor expectation and regulatory pressure, the interest in ESG and sustainability products continues to grow, whilst asset managers intend to more than double their allocation in real assets, in particularly infrastructure and commercial and residential real estate.

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