Asset managers to redesign their global operating model


Now is the time for asset managers to redesign their global operating model

In prosperous times, the asset management industry tends to pay less attention to its operating model. The vast majority of resources are targeted at growth and a little inefficiency is often tolerated.

During financial downturns, the focus at many firms tends to shift to maximising immediate costsavings with less focus on the long-term impact cuts might have on quality or risk management.

Executive summary

  • Now is the time to re-evaluate your global operating model since we appear to be in neither an exuberance nor in retrenchment phase
  • Function/service delivery, processes, people and organisation, as well as data and technology represent key areas to consider 
  • Redesigning an operating model takes significant effort, yet can unlock benefits that may improve efficiencies within a potential range of 5% to 30%, according to estimates from Deloitte’s Enterprise Cost Management practice
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