Australian hedge funds


Australian hedge funds

Why they are worth taking a look

Since the onset of the Global Financial Crisis, in Australia, the investor experience has been positive—not only in quantitative terms of performance and risk, but also in qualitative aspects such as accessibility, liquidity and fees. This is particularly so in the case of equity-based funds.

Executive summary

  • Although hedge funds have been a less-than-perfect experience for many northern hemisphere investors, Australian investors have had a remarkably positive experience
  • Equity-based hedge funds have outperformed the market with less risk
  • Australia’s diverse range of hedge funds may be relevant for super fund members, pensioners and ordinary investors alike
  • Various commonly held misconceptions about hedge funds are some of the reasons why these strategies are under-used by Australian investors
  • Generally speaking, Australian funds' fees are cheaper than that of their global counterparts
  • The 'retailisation' of the Australian market prioritises and rewards investment management transparency
  • The best hedge funds provide outstanding performance with significantly lower volatility than traditionally managed funds
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