Customer centric journey within Asset Management


Customer centric journey within Asset Management

The asset management industry in South Africa has witnessed significant growth over the last ten years. Markets have generated excellent returns, changing regulations have created new investment opportunities and substantial inflows of foreign money have moved into South African funds.

Executive Summary

The South African market is one of the most developed Asset Management markets from both an African and global perspective. However, challenges may be on the horizon due to changing market conditions and legislative implications.

Challenges facing the industry

Asset management companies in South Africa may face four key challenges.

Globally, the ‘face’ of the investor has changed

Globally, the asset management industry has achieved strong growth in the years following the financial crisis and continues to rank among the most profitable industries.

African and South African trends in Asset Management

The Customer-centric Journey

A clear understanding of the investor’s needs and behaviour will help drive growth strategies that are profitable within the Asset Management (AM) company.

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