Digital: differentiation and/or an addition to distribution channels?


Digital: a potential source of differentiation and/or an effective addition to distribution channels?

While the use of websites has already attained a certain level of maturity, results have shown more marked differences for other digital media, particularly with respect to the use of social networks, which are significantly more developed within international asset management players.

The dynamism of content communicated and the interactivity of communities are the main quantifiable performance indicators for these media.

Executive summary

In a sector where the key issue is collecting funds and in a context of significant technological innovation, digital media can help asset management companies:

  • Develop internationally (collection source)
  • Promote the brand by clearly positioning themselves in a fragmented market
  • Increase visibility of the different areas of management expertise and develop innovation
  • Exchange and communicate differently with clients and prospective clients (client-focused strategy, client value/capital)
  • Communicate directly with final clients without passing through standard sales intermediaries (group and external distribution, consultants)
  • Work more efficiently within the company by implementing ‘social’ internal processes ensuring true team work.

The various digital components form part of the tools currently available to help expand the visibility of an asset management company’s brand
and expertise with clients at a low cost. 

In this context, asset management companies must adopt a structured approach involving marketing, legal and compliance teams to control
the quality of information prior to its dissemination on social networks, as well as to ensure it complies with regulations and is consistent with the asset management company’s communication strategy.

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