Ensuring your business’s successful future


Ensuring your business’s successful future

Executive Summary

An overview of the investment management compliance framework, as seen from the perspective of Deloitte Financial Services IM.

Investment management companies often feel challenged by the term “compliance.” In this arti-cle, we aim to promote an understanding of the importance and relevance of the compliance function for investment management companies in general. We have also taken into considera-tion some of the additional compliance obligations resulting from unique developments on the German market.

The management boards of many investment management companies often only regard the compliance function as a regulatory obligation and therefore a necessary, but unproductive, expense. We believe that with the right approach, an effective compliance organization can bring a real benefit to the business and prevent it from incurring unnecessary fines and penalties.

Inefficient compliance organizations that either do not have access to all of the information they require to perform their function effectively, or do not establish effective controls across the whole company, are often unable to prevent excessive risks from being taken. This can result in severe consequences and reputational damage to the company. Recent prominent examples of compliance organizations that have not operated effectively in the performance of their duties and have failed to prevent reputation damage and substantial fines for the companies concerned can be seen in both the VW emissions scandal and the Deutsche Bank, Forex, and Libor manipulations.

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Performance magazine issue 21, September 2016

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