ESAs provide additional guidance on the practical application of the PRIIPs Regulation on bonds


ESAs provide additional guidance on the practical application of the PRIIPs Regulation on bonds

29 October 2019

Regulatory News Alert

On 24 October 2019, the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) issued a Supervisory Statement targeting bond manufacturers and distributors within the European Union in order to advocate a level playing field of retail investor protection in the EU and promote an harmonized application by national competent authorities (NCAs) of the scope of the Regulation for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs Regulation), regarding the determination of the type of bonds for which it is necessary to draw up a Key Information Document (KID).

The European Supervisory Authorities set up a guidance for national competent authorities to rely on, when supervising compliance with the requirements in Chapter I of the PRIIPs Regulation, as part of their risk-based supervision, to avoid divergent applications by the NCAs.

The ESAs recommend NCAs to monitor:

  • Whether PRIIP manufacturers draw up and publish KIDs on their website for bonds that fall within the scope of the PRIIPs Regulation;
  • Whether persons selling such bonds comply with the requirements in Article 13 of that Regulation. 

NCAs are required to take appropriate measures when identifying non-compliance with the above-mentioned requirements (including administrative steps).


Additional information

While the PRIIPs Regulation is being evaluated, the ESAs call for co-legislators to present amendments to the Regulation to clarify which financial instruments fall within the scope of the Regulation.


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