Are your fund factsheets and websites compliant?


Are your fund factsheets and websites compliant?

17 May 2016

Regulatory News Alert

European regulators are uncovering non- compliant websites and marketing documents

Contents of marketing materials, such as factsheets and the further information which management companies post on their websites are at the very heart of investor protection frameworks. Ensuring their compliance with EU and local rules constitutes a major piece of the overall compliance program which management companies and fund boards must implement.

During the last few months, more and more EU regulators are publishing details of breaches by funds and their management companies, and this trend will most certainly continue to accelerate following the implementation of the UCITS V sanctions regime with increased regulator cooperation.

Ensuring that marketing materials and websites do comply with the rules prevailing in each jurisdiction where the funds are distributed is a hot topic that managers can no longer afford to neglect without running the risk of serious reputational and liability issues.

To help management companies face the many challenges involved in dealing with multiple and rapidly changing regulations plus the requirement of linguistic capabilities, Deloitte is proposing tailor made solutions to assist with all aspects of defining a compliant marketing strategy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your potential needs or to request further details on all our services; send us an email or call us on +352 451 454 357.

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