Fair value pricing survey, eleventh edition


Fair value pricing survey, eleventh edition

Finding the formula that fits

There is no formula for determining fair value and performing related oversight. Those charged with valuation responsibilities have to do what any scientist in a lab would do: pursue a course of action, measure the results, and then refine the approach, taking into account internal and external factors.

Executive summary

  • SEC enforcement actions have led to mutual funds stepping up their focus on fair value
  • Mutual fund boards are being challenged to re-think their involvement in the valuation process at all levels and stages
  • Mutual funds continue to make refinements as the range and complexity of investment types expand and new investment valuation tools expand
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Performance issue 13 – January 2014

Performance is a triannual digest, dedicated to investment management professionals, which brings you the latest articles, news and market developments from Deloitte’s professionals and clients. 

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